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Writing Through the Holidays- Mission Accomplished!

A Reflection on the Experience and How It Helped Create Good Momentum for the New Year

It’s officially a week or two into the New Year and I am already getting out my 2019 planner, and scheduling blogposts well into January like an inspired and super-productive blogger. Well… actually I started this process earlier in December, as a challenge to see if I could gain back the momentum I lost earlier. It also turned out to be an exciting, productive and inspired way to stay motivated throughout the holiday season to continue writing, not for the views or the hype or even because that’s what one might be required to do, but for myself as a challenge to see if through all the bustle I could still hustle and work at the blog. Also, setting this for myself has acted as great motivation to keep it up in the New Year… but you’ll have to read on to find out more.

 The Plan and Why:

The plan as I said was to keep posting- once a week still- right through the end of December. It meant that I’d have to plan ahead especially around Christmas or what turned out to be a boxing week post, and moving into the New Year Eves , but as with many challenges I was determined to make it happen and regain the consistency that I had lost in previous months of blogging. So, as December approached I set one final goal for the year and that was to re-establish a consistent writing routine starting from the beginning and working through all the holidays. Upon setting this I knew that my track record when it has come to re-establishing routines or getting back into a rhythm after taking a break hasn’t always been the greatest- in fact often times I struggle to find the motivation or discipline to plan ahead or keep plugging away. This time was going to be different, this time I was going to do what it takes to successfully blog through the month using each weeks success as motivation to keep writing.

Of course, all of this didn’t come without careful planning and adjusting along the way to ensure that the list of ideas in mind had a place and plan on how to get them out on time. Another help was that I had done my shopping ahead of schedule, carefully planned out the week before and during Christmas, to still enjoy time with friends and family. Most importantly I realized that with the right self-discipline and motivation; both of which I’ve been cultivating over the years as a blogger; anything is possible and it is almost exciting to see how with that hard work the momentum that’s created from having successfully completed each week. Which in the end, is what helped me get through, as well as writing for my own reasons.


So… did it happen?

Why, yes it did! By the end of December I had become consistent in blogging again, and published 4 blogposts with a bonus 5th as an end of the year reflection, all while still enjoying time with the family. An accomplishment that surprised me but is helping the blog move into the New Year on a positive, more motivated note as I continue to work on plugging away at the blog and it’s schedule diligently set forth before the New Year as motivation to keep doing my thing.


So keep planning, and plugging away but most importantly Stay You-nique,




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