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A Spoonful of Sugar and a Dash of Nostalgia for Mary Poppins Returns

A Movie Review for Mary Poppins Returns

Growing up in the 90’s was a childhood full of fun and whimsical movies, some even passed down from our parents and shared with us as kids, including the classic Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. It’s one of those feel good movies with an awesome sing-a-long soundtrack that includes: Supercalifragulisticexpialidouscious, Spoon full of Sugar (Helps the Medicine Go Down), and a personal favourite of mine I Love to Laugh. Just writing those words conjure up the scene in the movie, where upon visiting their Uncle the Banks children find him floating on the ceiling from laughing too hard, a relatable and almost too true to life image if I ever saw one.

So, after waiting 28 years to see the newest instalment of Mary Poppins, and 54 since it’s original release, you can imagine my excitement and giddiness upon seeing the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns in theatres for the first time. It was like revisiting that feeling of childhood innocence, only now as an adult and exploring the Mary Poppins storyline many years later.

A Familiar Family All Grown Up, and Wonderful Favourites:

Continuing on from where the last movie left off, we are introduced to the Banks children, many years later now as adults and with children of their own (as in the picture on the right), along with our familiar friends Mary Poppins played by Emily Blunt, Jack the Luminary by Lin Manuel Miranda (which the original role was Bertie the chimney sweep) taking everyone on fantastic adventures, helping out and along the way introducing us to some new characters played by a starlit cast that you’ll have to see to believe.

Learning Through Song with an awesome soundtrack:

While this Mary Poppins story did not include the original soundtrack hits like a Spoonful of Sugar or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- as it’s a continuation of the story (that I did not realize viewing it the first time round). It did have it’s own fresh soundtrack full of heartwarming additions like “A Cover is Not the Book” (for those who love to read), and “The Place Where the Lost Things Go” that truly hit home and helped me remember what the magic of Mary Poppins is really all about- and that’s believing in the magic of imagination and realizing that sometimes what we are looking for is right within our hearts all along.

Final Thoughts on this Movie:

While, it was surprising to discover that the familiar favourite tunes were not part of this new Mary Poppins story, the magic wasn’t entirely lost and now having understood that I would definitely return to see Mary Poppins Returns a second time to really appreciate this movies magic, the fantastic music and characters- both familiar and new- that has brought Mary Poppins back to life on the screen and our hearts in this uplifting, nostalgic, feel good continuation that is sure to please everyone young and old with it’s own magic.

Until next time, stay magical and most importantly Stay You-nique!


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