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Exploring the World Through a Photographic Lens

Over the past few months I’ve been gradually diving back into the Creative Challenge that started a few years ago through photography; and have wildly been enjoying it as another useful creative medium- not only personally but for the blog it’s a great way to create my own original images and use them in the various platforms I’m on such as Instagram, Facebook and here on Life on the Spectrum.

It started through the use of my iPhone’s camera feature one afternoon when in need of a creative break and some outdoor time. So, I headed out into the garden to capture what would inspire me and ended up taking 50 shots from various angles and perspectives of the plants and foliage surrounding me. Each shot inspired the next and allowed me to explore the backyard in a new way- through the lens of my phone camera- sparking a curiosity to explore more and a love affair with photography. One that has me wanting to pick it up any chance to do so- whether it be through food photography (the latest challenge), nature, or using props to tell a story- I’ve hooked on getting the most inspiring shots.

Recently, after much thought I’ve graduated to a digital DSLR camera that offers a whole new world of inspiration and creative wonders to explore for those who are willing experiment with settings. If not, there’s always the Dummies book (which I have) that helps explain some of the cameras intimidating features and settings that make it to the beginner less intimidating, but the very best way to begin is simply by doing so. Allowing yourself to become familiar with the camera, and connecting with the hands on experience it offers, listening as the gears shift into focus, the lens readjusts and suddenly the image before you- like magic- becomes clear. It is this reason why I am drawn to photography and why the camera isn’t far from reach-in fact as I write this it has beckoned me to do more- and when in a slump or in need of a great creative outlet I aim, focus and shot hoping for an interesting shot (such as the one to the left).

Other times, it’s a pure coincidence that something interesting comes out of what I’m trying to capture, and elicits an inspiration in me to shot again, this time looking carefully at the scene and find another way to incorporate it’s images using none other than my imagination; such as the two photos below encouraged me to do. The first one came about after I had picked up the camera and noticed how the lens was angled at the flower, that inspired me to try with the pencil holder, and it also ended up working quite well.

Image one, and the original inspiration.

The second image inspired from the original with the flower


Either way, it’s a journey that has helped me appreciate again the beauty in nature, ignite my creative side, learn a new skill and at first may have seemed intimidating, but once I tried it discovered that with practice and a creative eye if at first you don’t succeed there are second, third and fourth shots to do better/differently; and the rest we can call “happy accidents”. In the end, it’s all in the way you chose to focus the camera and approach the experience.

Ready, aim,  and shoot your way to Staying You-nique!