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Self-care is Important and Taking Time Off

~Essentially Where I’ve Been and Why~

Self-care is important for so many reasons, yet it seems so easily forgotten amidst the fast pace that the world and particularly the online world seems to be moving at which has us interacting in more ways than before, and making it harder to really slow down and take a good hard look at what’s happen or crave time out for ourselves amidst posting, engaging, promoting, planning and brainstorming. Now, some would say that I signed up for the hard work, constant engagement and self-disciplined schedule that comes from being your own boss and working at home. Which is true, I did do that to pursue my writing full time  after leaving work but lately things had got a little more hectic and amidst keeping up in the fast pace world of social media and blogging I had lost touch with my own innate pace- which is slower than most-, and was starting to feel overwhelmed by it all.

So What Did I Do…

There was only one very brave thing to do (at least the way I saw it), and that’s take a step back from everything that blogging involves including: the need to constantly engage in social media, the planning that comes with having something ready each week to publish and the promotion; in order to explore some of the other interests I had missed out while diligently working on building the blog and social media presence. Things like knitting again have kept me relaxed and engaged, photography is another creative interest I’ve been able to explore more during this time off, but most importantly it’s been allowing myself time to just be, and be okay with that. The last one hasn’t always been easy, and I’ll admit many times I’ve had to give myself permission to do so and reminders as to why I’ve taken this time off in the first place. With the help of others who encouraged me that this time is well deserved, and those online who have in their own ways acknowledged that a) blogging is a lot of hard work, but also b) it’s okay to take breaks, if it means giving ourselves the chance to recharge after working hard and come back with some fresh inspiration; this miniature break has seemed easier to do so, knowing that the general feeling out there has more recently matched my own.

Though, over-all it has come down to me and the need I felt to step back, even if it has meant missing out on things like views, engagement, and attention to the blog that keeps me engaged, other things have taken place of constant interaction, such as a creative curiosity, a reconnection with Self, peace of mind, renewed purposeful plan and most importantly the chance to re-evaluate everything and think more deeply about what sort of goals I’d like to achieve not just for Life on the Spectrum, but life in general. It’s this inspiration that has helped prepare me to pick-up where I left off last week and continue sharing with a fresh focus, determination and vision this week.  So I thank-you for your patience, and understanding while I found my way back to inspiration and feeling ready to share again.

Reporting from Life on the Spectrum again,

Your Blogger: Kylie