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What I Learned From My Latest Talking Opportunity

Lesson #2: A Step forward can be one in a great direction!

Life on the spectrum in both senses (the blog and life itself) seem to be lining things up for me, especially the more open I’ve been to sharing my experiences, connecting with others and most importantly saying “yes” to new opportunities, embarking into the public speaking realm. An avenue that hasn’t always crossed my mind until recently, but is something worth exploring, and as I discovered another way to help bring understanding to those who are willing to listen, understand and help make life easier for others.

A thought that occurred to me after my last school speaking opportunity; only this time instead of speaking in front of students, it was Special Education Teachers who were willing to hear what I had to say and allowed me to share more of my story. The opportunity also helped show that each step we take in a particular direction, is indeed a step towards that path- whether we realize it or not- by taking that step the path reveals itself to us somehow, or alternatively points us in that direction.  

Which, isn’t it exciting to think that when we are willing to put ourselves out in a particular direction, there is the very likely possibility that the universe notices?

For me, the step, as I said, has been in taking more talking opportunities (as I said) and seeing where it goes. Realizing that by agreeing to each it has become something truly worth pursuing and got me thinking it could really lead to something. Whatever that something is could be completely different for you, and depend on what it is you wish to pursue, but know that when we put ourselves out there (in a particular direction), believe in ourselves and what we are doing- no matter how small or how the opportunity wishes to present itself- our stories, experiences, insights, and what we share can make a difference, so, yes,  even the toughest experiences we go through in life can not only create change for others, teach us valuable lessons but have the ability to shape our lives.

It is what excites me about sharing more of my experiences with others, as I continue to follow this path what I look forward to about sharing more with others, because while it may only be parts of each narrative to share, by just doing that has given a greater purpose to the stories that haunted me and believe those experiences can also help shape our lives in a positive way.  ways we sometimes least can expect).

All this to say Stay Open, and As Always Stay You-nique!


Feature Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash