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What Speaking About My Experiences Has Taught Me About Self Acceptance

(Also known as what I’ve been up to)

As the saying goes, “life is full of surprises”, and one of those came in April (the month of Autism Awareness) when I got asked to speak in front of class about my school experiences being Autistic. An opportunity that at first was fairly intimidating but after some careful thought I was able to warm-up to it and embrace it as a new way to share a bit of my story with others. This was also the very first time I was doing a talk like this, alone, about personal experiences; and speaking on what being Autistic has meant for me. One that years earlier I might not have been ready for, and even now was something way outside my comfort zone, but it’s format (that of speaking on my experiences rather than just writing on them) challenged me to a new form of vulnerability I hadn’t yet explored in my own journey, and helped me figure out what I was really comfortable sharing.

What I Learned From It:

What I later realized is that being able to share my experiences in front of an audience also was a big step forward for me and showed how far I had come in my own journey of self-acceptance and embracing life as an Autistic individual, which interestingly enough came about from promoting my blog through the postcards I created in March.  Yet, as I found, took most of my focus away from the blog, temporarily, because preparing for the talk meant really reflecting on those experiences, writing on them, digging deeper, reflecting some more and also required some rewriting.  As you can imagine, it was quite the process and as the date approached it was really time to buckle down and finalize what I wanted to say. There also was much rehearsing to be done, and each version that came through revealed a new challenge or area to be improved so that executing this would be as comfortable as possible on the day of presenting.

Reactions of the Day and Over-all Feeling of the Talk:

The talk did end up going quite well, despite the nerves and it being my first time, and was well received by both the teacher and students which was a relief to me. Over-all I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to share my insights and experiences in a way I hadn’t before, and who knows it might lead to a new path for me in the future, but for now I am glad that it’s done and even happier to be able to work on the blog some more into May.

** Finally, a special thank-you to the family and friends who helped encourage me to do this, gave their great support, suggestions, listened and helped me put the talk together. I couldn’t have done this without you and your encouragement meant a lot to me.**

And thank-you everyone for your patience, and sticking around because I have lots of great ideas for the blog. Also stay tuned and until next time Stay You-nique!  


Feature Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

Other photo by: elliot-sloman-199291-unsplash