Autism Insights, My Journey

Reflections on the Importance of Communication and Being Honest

Hello Curious Souls,

Life on the spectrum has been an eye-opening journey with many new experiences, but the one thing that’s kept coming up (again and again) for me is the importance of communication in all areas of life and all places. This insight, if you will, started while I was working; and learning to communicate with colleagues. It was my very kind supervisor who encouraged me to speak-up if I had any questions or concerns about work and this has as most things do has continued to be something I’ve strived for more in real-life as well in many of my interpersonal relationships.

Which for me, has been a huge learning curve that’s come about with it’s fair share of setbacks and frustrations; many of which could have been avoided if only I would have asked for clarification or have been honest about what I was feeling at the time. This is a skill that has inspired this post and, that despite being aware of, is still a challenge at times and has challenged me to explore a little deeper into the role my ability to communicate has played in particular situations and figure out what I could have done in order to avoid the misunderstandings in the first place. An awareness that has taken me up until this point to understand and that’s come from seeking the necessary clarification to ensure the path of understanding is one of clear, honest and open communication- even if it’s uncomfortable or takes being vulnerable it is worth it in the end. Yet in order to do that it also means being honest about what we are feeling first with ourselves in the moment and THEN only once that is clear with others in order to open up the conversation and ask the right questions.

What Makes It Challenging for Me:

The challenge is that sometimes I don’t even know or understand what I’m feeling until later. In the process of rumbling through emotions and getting to what the issue may be, I stumble upon other irrelevant concerns before getting to the main issue, which most of the time is something fairly simple or a concern which, with better honesty, could be easily addressed. It just has taken that wildly emotional path for me to reach that point and be willing to explore my true feelings on the issue or experience I may be struggling to understand.

It’s also not always and sometimes I will still falter or feel sheepish for not being able to understand and articulate my own feelings, but as with many things this is a process that I am still working on, even if it’s in small incremental steps. I’ve been able to learn a little more about myself and the role honest communication has played in creating better understanding in order to grow in the awareness that has come from reflecting on these experiences and lean into being more honest with myself and others at my own pace.

Until next time, stay You-nique


Feature photo: Elliot Sloman via Unsplash

Second image: Antoine Barres via Unsplash