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It’s Time I Stepped More Outside My Comfort Zone!

Reflections on Writing, Life Experiences, and Anxiety

It’s taken many people to convince me of this fact; days of journalling in general; an afternoon of writing and many walks; talks and reflections to realize what everyone or anyone really says about finding inspiration or writing of any kind- which is in order to write about it, you need to actually live it. Which may seem harsh, but at this point I’ve needed harsh to kick me into gear and out of hibernation (which is aptly the comforts of my home routine and a few sporadic explorations). Still these experiences although interesting and are great starts for what it means to embrace a life of any kind (on the spectrum or not) have shown me that I need to experience them more often so that when the opportunities to step out come I’m better prepared to take them on without getting overwhelmed by it all at once.

Now, I’ve written about part of this experience before from a social perspective in The Importance of Flexing One’s Social Muscle Enough, where I briefly touched on the idea of feeling overwhelmed and struggling with interacting but what I didn’t realize than (that I do now)- is that feeling “yes” it’s overwhelming at times but really delving into it could also be turning into an concerning anxiety and lesser of an ability to cope with new experiences, different people, different energies and interactions all while juggling my own. Which has made it both challenging to do more but points to the importance of getting out there enough.  So that it’s not as alarming and has got me to thinking maybe I do need to get out more and get my butt into gear to seek out new opportunities and adventures so that I’m more comfortable out there.

Them Fighting Words! 

Aside from that I’ve also found it important to get out there in terms of my writing, because as Ernest Hemingway aptly puts it “In order to write about life first you must live.” So I guess if I truly want to be inspired by what I’m writing about and share what life’s like I’ll need to get out there eventually (hesitantly)- and create some experiences for myself rather than think of them or draw from too many past experiences or general insights. (*Note they still may be blogged but my hope is that there’s even more inspiration to write on outside my door)

But how…

Well that seems to be the trick so far, figuring out the “how” and “what” ways to move forward, and not necessary the “why” which I can easily understand (lesser anxiety, more comfortable stepping out, and better practice using coping strategies to navigate busy social scenes or situations. The challenge so far is finding opportunities that suit what I can do and manage, are flexible without being too much or too draining. This is just some considerations I’ve taken into account; there’s still much searching to be done but I’m working on that in process of figuring out my own next steps and how to embrace new experiences, live to share and tell them without getting totally overwhelmed and wanting to stay as is.

Either way, sharing this experience has been encouraging in helping me move forward, seek out new opportunities and maybe (just maybe) get excited for what’s to come. 


Insightfully aware


Feature Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

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