My Journey

Through All the Hustle and Bustle

A Special Wonderful Wednesday Post- The last of the holiday posting…

It’s been an interesting experience, reflecting on and writing on what Christmas has meant to me. I started this journey wanting to be a part of the holiday posting tradition and excitement but realized that in order to meaningfully write on what makes the experience unique and original to me it’s taken a little outside the box thing- aside from the usual gift giving, how to survive shopping, or get into the festive spirit vibe- the aim became to share other aspects of the holidays that I hold dear to my heart, and to inspire what I feel has become the true Christmas spirit. As such we covered traditions, greeting cards (and how it’s the thought that counts), surviving Christmas parties and the joy of making holiday gifts.

With each post I’ve reflected on it and realized that by writing on these experiences, their messages have sunk in even further for me; and helped me realize the true spirit of Christmas, which isn’t in the gifts or giving; the food but in spending it with loved ones and the special people in our lives- whether that’s friends, family or a special someone- it’s being together and appreciating one another’s company that matters most.

I’ve also realized that although Christmas only lands on one day out of 31 in December, it’s spirit and excitement can be felt throughout all of December aside from the shopping, wrapping, and greeting card writing there’s plenty to do like enjoy the Carols, or marvel at the Christmas lights, take a walk outdoors (with the proper gear on), cuddle up by the fire and be grateful for it’s warmth or reflect on your year and look forward to a new one around the corner. Even if your way of celebrating the season is different or Christmas may not totally be your thing,  there’s plenty of ways to do so and to be grateful for as the year wraps up.

My final wish is that you get the chance to enjoy the season, it’s spirit in whatever way is suitable for you, be grateful and take the time to reflect and rest going into the New Year.

Seasons Greetings from,