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It’s Not Always Easy, Best Intentions and My Process

On Sharing Experiences and Challenges Online

When you are writing about your life experiences, and challenges such as I, it takes a great deal of courage and certainty to write on them in a way that shows there’s distance from the event or challenge and yourself. At least, this is what it’s like for me when I put together a piece I’ve already lived past it enough to understand where I went wrong, pick out what I’ve learned and tactfully write about it in a way that shows understanding, but if it hasn’t been long enough then the writing is hard, really hard and my words don’t always come out easy.

As was the case, yesterday. All I had the intentions to do was to share more on my work experience but the harder I tried to write about it; the harder it was to think clearer and the more upset I got. Eventually, I had to stop beating my head against the wall, took a break and decided for now since the experience has a lot of emotions tied to it and it’s something I am still processing perhaps it was too close to write on.

Which was tough, because I really wanted to share my experiences to help others understand but in order to do it right and clearly get across what I want to share it needs to be done in a tactful, helpful and understanding place where I’m clear on why I am writing the piece and what I want to say about it. Not from what I observed myself writing yesterday- which was of confusion, murkiness, and conflicting ideas. That’s not a clear nor helpful place to write from or gain understanding.

So, for now we may be tabling that topic- work experiences- and perhaps hope to get back to it at a later date, when enough time has pasted for me to write about the challenges there clearly and concisely.

I hope you’ll understand and perhaps look for something another lighter post going up perhaps later day (aside from this post).


Feature image: Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash