My Journey

Becoming Aware

My Take on Being Aware and Learning How to Use it to Help!

Awareness is one of those finicky things for me in which most of the time I consider myself pretty aware of what is going on both externally and internally (meaning inside myself),  what I need to feel better and less overwhelmed but there is also still the odd occasion where I struggle with this and feel that instead of actually taking a step forward in building upon myself and other awareness that has been developing over the years I’m moving backwards unable to articulate what overwhelms me before it’s too late.

This can be particularly frustrating in that being in this place and going three steps back often feels like to me like all that hard work hasn’t paid off and I’m right back where I started no closer to building on awareness and look out for myself. In those moments all that hard work seems to go downhill. Though the truth is that I often forget how having it is as much of a muscle for me as the muscles in yours or mine arms and le

g muscles are, that at one point I really really struggled to know what was right for me and have worked hard as an adult to be better able at knowing what I can and cannot handle, even if it’s meant saying “No” or “It won’t work at this time”

even if it takes a little extra thought and yes sometimes taking a few steps back in order to re-evaluate my progress on moving forward and better getting to know my own way of functioning.

So when feeling down and out like I do after a setback; it can be helpful to remind oneself that although it may seem to be three steps back, it doesn’t mean you’re going all the way back. And what you realize from one blunder will help you become better aware the next time a similar situation comes up.

Lastly remember this wouldn’t be a learning process without a few mistakes in it.


Be gentle,


Feature image from: Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

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