Creative Projects & Experiences

My Creative Challenge

An Introduction:

So this year I’ve decided to explore creativity on my own with open arms and more in depth. Which means not only do I plan on just expanding it in my writing, but I’ll try my best to learn more about it and actually experience some new ways of being creative. After all why limit myself to just 1 area when there’s other to try out such as:

  •   Baking,
  •  Sketching,
  •  Painting,
  •  DIYing,
  • and many other fun crafts to try out there all creative and worth while.

So why be limited to just one?

To begin with though, I’m starting with baking since I’ve tried it before which makes returning to it easier, this time though I’m adding cooking into the mix. There may be sometimes when it’s just baking needed to be done while others like in the instances of making a meal can add several elements to be balanced out. My goal here is to familiarize myself in the kitchen with the hopes of it becoming less intimidating with each new and upped recipe. I’m aiming for two recipes a month, or more depending on how things go and time but two seems like a good enough start. From here, we shall see where inspiration and creativity lead it could be trying paint by numbers or a fun side project, it may even lead back to trying something new in writing. Who knows? but I’m willing to follow wherever it may lead.

Let the adventure begin
For now:

Photo by on Unsplash