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Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong”- A Book Review

This book changed my perspective on vulnerability and allowed me to look at it in a different light. I’ve learned that the moments of putting ourselves out there are essential in connecting, being brave and open with others yet as Brene points out in her book there will come times when we fall flat on our faces and therefore must as the title suggests “Rise Strong”. It is a process of working through the situation coming out the other end more equipped and resilient than ever- consisting of three essential stages- the Reckoning, Rumble and Revolution- which you’ll discover through reading the book, and  that can help how we can learn from our setbacks. Through personal experience and insight I’ve found a new appreciation for the process and a patience with myself as I work through them. What I like most about is how this book taught me to be gentle with myself while going through the process; and the new awareness it brought to what I was experiencing at the time. It gave me some understanding of what I was experiencing and allowed for new insights to form from it. So instead of mustering through each setback or worse beating myself up over what I did or did not do keeping that in mind gave me the space to work through it and be more compassionate with myself.



Therefore Rising Strong is a great resource to help us better understand each other and lead more compassionate lives, to ourselves especially.

Two helpful tools I’ve learned from the many Brene talks about in her book are:

  1. Using the line “the story I am making up in my head” to differentiate what is the actual truth from our own uniquely fabricated versions of what we believe to be true… we’ve all been there, made up these stories that have no backing other than our own perceptions. This tools helps us see that and better communicate our feelings.
  2. The Shitty First Draft or SFD for short: This is a journaling/getting it all out tool where you can safely and appropriately vent out those stories and terrible thoughts running rampant in our heads. It’s a space to no filters barbed get everything that’s bothering us, or that’s being dwelled upon out so we can move on and continue to move through the process.

With that said I would highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn more about vulnerability and is interested in being more compassionate with themselves or others. Or anybody could read this book- it’s that revolutionary!

Happy Reading,

Introverted Butterfly

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