My Journey

About Me

I’m not your typical individual, there’s something that makes me very unique, and has allowed me to view the world in a different way most others might not realize and keeps me constantly learning on my feet. This for the most part is my diagnosis on the “spectrum”, Autism Spectrum that is.  Which for me is and always has been Asperger’s Syndrome. A very high functioning form of Autism that allows me to have a very unique self-aware way of seeing the world and create valuable insights into understanding it.

I didn’t always understand this about myself, although I always had the innate sense of being different I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what has set me apart. Figuring this out has  been a process of learning and discovery which continues to grow as I go through different life experiences that has brought me this far; it’s also brought me to this conclusion that my curious search for answers and clarity on the very perplexing experiences of everyday life has also set me a part from perhaps others on the spectrum. An example of one is being self aware enough to pick up on things others might have missed, another is the curiosity to ask important questions to further  understand the experiences that have often perplexed me and have in past creating a longing to experience.

Falling somewhere between having that awareness to recognize what I need in certain situations, being aptly aware of my own sensitivities but still struggling with how to put that awareness to practice in order to do what’s best has very much been my journey thus far and has to a great extent fuelled my own personal search for greater understanding and guided me in my ongoing search to accept what makes me different and embrace it. Which hasn’t always been easy but my hope is that by recording my progress it will help me be less afraid to embrace my differences and perhaps let others know that although we may be different; they are not alone in figuring things out.

Happily Learning,