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A Podcast Review: Raise Your Hand Say “Yes” by: Tiffany Han

A New Discovery!

After being an avid reader and of course writer most of my life, it’s been pleasantly surprising to find myself becoming an avid listener as well. As I mentioned before I’ve found podcasts to be valuable resources and proof that in times or moments where I’ve felt most alone or in my head too much listening to them has helped me get out of my head, the pity party going on and realize that I’m not the only one going through difficult transitions- there are others seeking out insights, and growing as well.


I HAVE FOUND SIMILAR LIKE MINDED PEOPLE (and they are literally speaking to me in the form of podcasts). 

One such individual and remarkable host is Tiffany Han of the “Raise Your Hand Say Yes” podcast series. On pretty much all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in this series I’ve wanted to raise my own hand and say “Yes” to the incredible insights, awareness,understanding and aha moments gleamed from listening in every week to what she or her guests have to say.

 A few extra special episodes of mine are the self titled “Raise Your Hand Say Yes” in which she introduces what the concept is and why she named the Podcast after that (in 10 easy steps). Consider it a crash course in getting to know her and her message. I also recommend Camille Dungy’s episode on Creativity; Ashley Nickels on Reinvention and my most recent listen titled “What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” an honest and candid conversation with Tiffany giving her no sugar coated, what we often need to hear advice on how to move out of situations we feel stuck in.


Her’s is a podcast definintely worth checking out with her energetic and motivation approach it’s easy to become hooked and find oneself going back the next week to tune into whatever juicy insights or guests she stumbled upon and has on. Check it out yourself if you want to start saying “Yes” more instead of “No”!


Me raising my hand and saying “yes” (LOL).

Happy Listening.

Introverted Butterfly

Link to her podcast online: Raise Your Hand Say Yes Podcast with Tiffany Han

Or you can find it under the Podcast App on an iPod or iPhone- which is where I tune in for my daily dose.

If you like what she has to say be sure to let her know on social media, here’s her handles: @thetiffanyhan  (twitter) and Instagram thetiffanyhan