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A Book Review on the Glass Castle By: Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle is a fascinating, heartfelt and emotionally truthful memoir written by Jeannette Walls that depicts the struggles, triumphant and celebrations of family life that shaped who and how Jeannette (the author) carved her own path and created a very unique childhood full of inspiring adventures, lessons and family.

Within the first few pages of this story I was intrigued and entertained, as the author introduces you to her quirky childhood and the eccentricities of growing up with parents who thought outside the norm of normal life. However, the further in I read the more I the-glass-castle-9781501171581_hrdiscovered the depth of each character and grew to gain a greater understanding of her family’s struggles and each members complexities along in their journeys. Therefore it was the theme of family that rang most true to me and in which I also liked how she honestly and respectfully captured them through her writing including not just that but their own dreams, hopes and aspirations of family life. As I read I could relate too to the sometimes delicate parent-child relationships that came and became particularly inspired by her almost unwavering protectiveness she had for her father.

Aside from that I enjoyed reading about her experiences growing up in that they differed from mine. In that she didn’t have internet or television and therefore the best kinds of entertainment was using one’s imagination. Her family adventures and retelling of childhood memories allowed me to live precariously thought those experience and I found myself half wishing that I had adventures like that a part of my upbringing. It’s these types of adventures that kept the Glass Castle for me such a fascinating read but the true heart and worth of this memoir comes through in the importance of family, acceptance and support weaved through her unique but wonderfully heart felt memoir.

This is my latest favourite read and newest book recommendation for anyone looking to perhaps experience a bit of nostalgia; gain some assurance that theirs isn’t the only interesting family going through struggles and is up for a true journey that proves it’s not what you are doing but who you are with that matters most in adventures… this one is for you. Also I might add the since it came out in theatres as I began reading it I’ve anxiously been awaiting the opportunity to see how it plays out on screen. With that said… no spoilers please.

Happy Reading,

Introverted Butterfly

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