My Journey

My Journey Thus Far

And what I’ve learned about patience, control and collaboration

Well finally my summer long project is up and running, relaunching this heck of a blog has been quite the revealing experience in an interestingly self-discovery kind of way. One in which I’ve had to take it all in and worked effortless at becoming prepared.

This new blog and launch I wanted to make right but most importantly I wanted to call it my own. So in need of that and some assistance in creating I also needed a collaborator to get the technical job up and done. Which as I learned takes some patience because when it’s a project two people are working on you have to be patient for things to be done right and I’ll admit even more so understanding of their schedules as well. It’s not easy and I often struggled with this- especially if I myself was
feeling particularly stuck or unsure then not just mine but her patience had to be tested. Anyways, it wasn’t easy but what I learned from this experience (so far) is that one challenging part for me and great lesson in self awareness comes from that need to feel in control or figuring out how to curb that in situations which aren’t 100% in my hands. Which also isn’t easy, and I’ve learned that often in the midst of creating is easily forgotten.

It’s all a part of the journey of:  self-discovery, self awareness and the process of better handling my emotions when they take over particular situations and make embracing those challenges harder to swallow. So considering that this project has already taught me that perhaps it won’t be as intimidating as I thought and just maybe I’ll be able to figure it out.Either way, I am grateful for the journey and to be moving forward one small step at a time.


Feature Image from: Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash